April 22nd, 2003


Busted! Protests at PACCAR Headquarters

Today we had protesters at PACCAR Headquarters! They protested outside the (attached) Bank of America branch, chanting something like PACCAR! Corporate Greed! and then circled to the front entrace of our building, where they chanted that and some other things that were unintelligible from the 12th floor. Then they headed back towards Meydenbauer Center where the stockholders meeting is taking place. They most likely came from the PB Nashville labor dispute, which has created a work stoppage since last November.

Here are pictures of the protesters (my zoom is crappy): PACCAR Protesters 1, PACCAR Protesters 2, PACCAR Protesters 3, PACCAR Protesters 4. They also handed out the following flyers in the lobby of the Bank of America: Flyer Front, Flyer Back.

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