May 27th, 2003



Yesterday Cheryl surprised me with a bunch of friends at Mad Pizza, then we went to see Matrix Reloaded, which was interrupted by two fire alarms (ugh) but we all got free movie passes. The most annoying thing was it was right in the middle of one of the dialog scenes, which broke my concentration, so I wasn't able to fully understand what was supposed to be happening.

Cheryl also got me a PS2, but I lack a TV that I can use it on. My 25+ year old Sears model doesn't have the 75Ohm connectors, and my adapter is on Sammy's TV at Cheryl's place. I bought an RF adapter for it, but I can't use it just yet, and will be returning it soon, because the TV my new apartment is bribing me with most likely has component input. (If you can hook it up to a PC, it'd better!)

Now I need to restart X so that it listens on TCP so I can finish off the auto-reload bits for Borges development for tonight's Ruby meeting.

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