October 1st, 2004


New! New! New!

I'm now in my new place on borrowed wireless ("linksys") until phone and DSL gets hooked back up. My phone service is "active" but won't work until somebody comes on the 5th to monkey with the wires, or something.

The gas company says my address "does not show in our data base as an address we provide gas service to"... that must mean its free. Electrical is hooked up, but I need to shut it off for my old place still.

I also need to switch water/sewer/trash to me, but there's no handy online form for it.

One room is completely filled with misc crap. I'm pondering moving the TV down there, and placing a desk/work area on the 2nd floor, but we've got a spare single bed and I'm not sure how well both would fit.

The Robot Coop is giving me an offer, and I'll be accepting it! That brings a commute of 8 miles and 50 minutes by bus down to 10-15 minutes and 9 blocks by foot. They've also got some great benefits, like not having to wear a tie, or shirts that require ironing!

Cheryl is off with her friend Thuy at some male strip club thingy.

I tried to beat the Buddha Temple level of Tenchu 3 again today, but died trying to get the cool sword. Damn bottomless pits.