November 8th, 2004


Weekend Update

On Friday night I called the Portland Apple store asking if they had any 17" PowerBooks with the extra video memory and faster hard drive, but they reported they had none. I then called down to the U-Village Apple store and they reported that such machines can only be had online.

So instead of heading down to Portland to pick up an awesome machine, I instead ordered one online using Cheryl's gov't employee discount.

Most of Friday, Saturday and Sunday was spent writing an interpreter for Ruby2C's Ruby subset. More on that in an upcoming post.

Sunday night I watched SAW, which was a great, great movie.

BCM5782 / BCM7505

Note that if, in FreeBSD 4.10, you recieve the following error message:

bge0: firmware handshake timed out
bge0: RX CPU self-diagnostics failed!

You probably need to plug in the network cable.

Damn those little plastic clips.