November 24th, 2004


Travelling to St. Louis

The ticket machine gave me a Seattle -> Phoenix boarding pass, both of Cheryl's boarding passes, but not my Phoenix -> St. Louis boarding pass. I didn't check in for Cheryl, either.

We're on a puddle-jumper to Phoenix before heading out to St. Louis, which means no food service. The only food service available was Burger King (actually, this other place opened up with bagels and such).

Just before I got to the register the machines all stopped working. Unfortunately the Burger King staff was unable to figure out what to do. The cashier lady was able to figure out how much money my breakfast cost, but wasn't able to open the register. (A definite plus since my last airport Burger King experience, where the cashier was unable to make change. Maybe because this cashier wasn't a teenager?)

I had to explain half my photos to my relatives when they were flipping through my photo collection... Like the severed, tagged bird foot.

On the Phoenix to St. Louis flight, the other two people in my row watched Kill Bill Vol 1 on Toshiba's 17" laptop. That was an ugly machine. Oh, and I also saw somebody in 1st class editing a Word document where 1/2 the screen width was gray empty space. How wasteful!
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