November 30th, 2004


Milliwatts vs. Picowatts

So just before we back away from the gate, the announcement that cell phones and other personal electronic devices must be shut off. The girl next to me is talking on her cell phone.

I give her a few minutes, thinking she'll end the conversation quickly. A couple minutes later, I remind her, and she continues on. I figure that she's just about to wrap up, and only needed a moment further.

Another minute goes by and I tap her and remind her that she needs to turn it off. She makes a snide comment about us not even moving yet (we'd already pushed-back) and carries on. I summon the stewardess with my handy-dandy call button, who tells her to shut it off.

Now she's miffed, and says, "That's cool," to which I respond with some message of safety concern. "Ladies' Man" (a guy who'd been hitting on all the ladies in the terminal before we boarded) tells me to "let the stewardess do her job" (which I did, with the assistance of the call-button).

After electronics are allowed again, the girl pulls out her mini iPod and says "oh, I didn't turn off my iPod and we didn't crash."

I declined the opportunity to inform her of the difference between active EM radiation of hundreds of milliwatts compared to passive EM radiation of nano or picowatts.

Oh, and mechanical problems delayed our flight, which will force us to stay an extra night in Phoenix, since the next plane to Seattle leaves at 17:10 the following day. Thankfully America West will be picking up the tab (as they should be doing).


So, I get to Holiday Inn and try to use their wireless. What happens? They've got "Holiday INN" as their domain from DHCP. I fix that, replace their name server with my own (just to be sure), and I can only get about 1.5k out of an HTTP session. I have no idea what they've done to their damn routers, but it sure sucks.

Works fine from the lobby, maybe I'm on the other AP?