January 2nd, 2005


Vehicles: Parking, Mayhem, Emergency

Compact Pickup, originally uploaded by drbrain.

First off is this truck is parked in a compact spot at the Rainier Valley QFC. Of course, I park my Mercury in these spots too, but I've got a much shorter wheelbase.

The odd thing about these compact parking spots is that they're farthest from the entryway, and nobody parks in them, so I've never seen a compact car parked in them.

After leaving the QFC in Rainier Valley I proceeded north and then came to the stoplight just south of I-90. It turned green, but the three cars in front of me just sat there. After a few seconds longer than usual, we started moving, and passed by people climing out of a medium SUV on its side. It must have been hurrying to make the light for a left hand turn, and hurried a bit too fast.

Nobody appeared to be seriously injured, but I doubt that'll teach the driver a damn thing about what a yellow light means.

Fire Truck on 20th Ave E north of E Denny Way

Emergency Across the Street, originally uploaded by drbrain.

An hour or so after arriving home a fire truck showed up and blocked 20th Ave E until the ambulance came. It must not have been serious, because it was one of the van-ambulances, not the industrial strength truck ones, and it took it a good 20 minutes to arrive.