January 20th, 2005


Zeppelins are cool

Much cooler than blimps, which are big gas bags with some motors draped off of them.

With a zeppelin you can put motors *anywhere* because they've got this frame around them. It should be easy to build a zeppelin frame from balsa wood, then attach some model-airplane motors to it. Plus, with the rigid structure you could probably even attach things like cameras to them.

You also get to hang ropes off of them for mooring, just like in real life! Oh, and I can even get a cool zep captain hat, just like 'ol Ferdinand himself!


Hydrogen has a lifting capacity of 1.1 kg/m³, and Helium has a lifting capacity of 1.02 kg/m³.

At 3m long and 1m in diameter, that's ~ 2.1 m³ of gas, or 2.14 kg lifting capacity. I could probably increase the diameter to 1.5 m and still be able to make it out the door, giving 5.3 kg lifting capacity.