March 25th, 2005


More Hot Police Action

Around 1am last night I heard some strange noises. The kind of noises that usually don't happen in the day.

Looking out the windows, I noticed what appeared to be my neighbor coming home. Then some people came down the street, and one of them started yelling at some guy in a car to get out.

No major physical altercations occurred there, but then I heard more of those strange noises, and it wasn't from the people across the street.

Switching to my other window, I noticed the guy who appeared to be my neighbor climbing over his fence. I still thought this strange.

Then a patrol car came, saw the guy at the fence, drew his gun, and arrested him.

Shortly afterwards 6 more patrol cars showed up, apparently the guy is not actually my neighbor, and had broken a window in the back of my neighbor's house and somehow lost his shoes. Perhaps this was the same guy the police were looking for last week.

You've got to be quite the moron to break a window, go to the front door, then hang around some more (and lose your shoes).