April 25th, 2005


I have the awesomest windows

This morning the birds woke me up at 4 AM trying to get their freak on with all the other birds. Or whatever it is that birds like to do at 4 AM in the springtime.

So I closed all the windows, and I couldn't hear the birds at all!

I listened real hard, and there was no bird noises. I listened real hard, still no bird noises. I thought I was imagining the bird noises being gone, but I really couldn't hear them!

My previous residence had windows that I thought were great at cutting down noise, but they sure didn't work as well as the windows I've got now.

This is excellent news for my habit of sleeping in until 8:30-9 AM.

Damn you IPv6!

I'm having problems with CNAME records being not returned when a AAAA request is made for them (where the AAAA points to an A recond. I've got the full details and an addendum that more clearly shows the problem. This post is mostly to see if I ever find a solution to this.

Damn you IPv6! I don't need you yet, so please stay out of my way!