April 26th, 2005



This being the 100th year of PACCAR, the company gave us all pens and watches (provided you showed up). While not super-fancy, the watch and pen are nice. I also got two calendars.

The directors got voted in, as they always seem to. The two shareholder proposals, one to reduce director terms to one year, and one to require a majority of shares for electing directors, were shot down by 57% and 73% of voters, respectively.

I saw a bunch of PACCAR people, and bragged about how awesome my job is too. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to talk with Mark (PACCAR CEO/Chairman).

During the meeting a video of the newest Peterbilt model was shown, including the standard baseball game music to pump up the audience. They also showed how 2004 was the awesomest year ever, and how 2005 was going to be even awesomer than that. (Unfortunately, it isn’t turning into rising stock prices for me.)

When asked about biodiesel/hybrid powerplants Mark was noncommittal. When asked about China, Mark was equally noncommittal. (Having worked for PACCINT, I know more about what PACCAR’s China plans are. No, I won’t share them.)