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Eric Hodel's Journal
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Tuesday, June 7th, 2005

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Ruby Codefest Grant: Gambit Postmortem
The participants of the Gambit Codefest Grant have posted their postmortem. Those crazy dudes worked for 9 days straight!

It has been my dream to write a SMAC-like game...
Looking through the search logs today, and I came across the following gem:

valedictorian speeches254

Overall, there have been 423 seaches containing 'valedictorian' since the beginning of June, and 354 for May. That's 777 total (wow, 777, I'm not making it up)!

Then again, my youngest sister was one of nine (yes, nine!) valetorians because the principal didn't have the balls to stand up to whiny parents.

(Yes, the principal called them 'valetorians'.)

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