August 6th, 2005


Just like home!

As I was traveling to Fry's last night, there was a police car with its lights on parket at Park and N 8th, a second by the Kenworth plant entrance on 8th and a 3rd at Houser Way. I found that incredibly odd, but then pulled into the parking lot and there was a 4th police car with the officer interviewing a lady who had been crying, making it even more puzzling.

I went to the aisle that has null-modem (and other) cables in a big mess, then heard over by the TVs "get down!" Turns out some robbers had crashed a stolen pickup then ran into the Fry's, and were looking around for rides. Two managed to get away, one in the woman's Celica, the second in a Ford Explorer.

As seen in the King County Journal and:

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