August 19th, 2005



Yesterday I went in for apheresis and the guy missed my vein when he first got the needle in, so took an extra moment to get it straightened out.

Everything was going great until the third return (with apheresis they give you your blood back) when a painful walnut-sized lump quickly grew in my elbow-pit. The vein had broken or whatever it does causing all the blood to pool under the skin. It hurt a bit, but they switched over to the other arm and everything went smoothly.

(They have to splice in a new needle, and have some fancy box to do it. It looks much to big for what it does.)

One of the techs said I'd have a really killer bruise-thing in my elbow-pit that would turn all black and blue and yellow. I was really looking forward to it, the last time I got a black and blue and yellow bruise was when I sprained my big toe.

Unfortunately it looks like I'm just going to get a mild bluish discoloration in my elbow pit. Its quite the let-down. Maybe I shouldn't have iced it last night.

Handling mail bounces

I'm adding email bounce handling and email notification shutoff to our sites, and happily RFC3462 and RFC3464 will do most of the figure-out-the-email-address work for me.

Well, I'll have to do something to read the correct field from the status part, but that's no big problem.

qmail is teh suck

It doesn't support RFC3464, so I'd have to do my own parsing of the qmail response to figure out which email address bounced.

Instead, qmail has this VERP thing which is supposed to solve some other problem. I don't see any VERP-like addresses in my bounce mails. I don't see any reliable way of distinguishing bounces from qmail from bounces from random crap either.

So... You qmail users can keep bouncing messages I send to bad addresses on your servers. I sure don't mind.

I don't think it'll be a problem though, I only have 3 of them out of 156 bounces.