August 21st, 2005


Mysteries of traffic

We're approaching the 750,000 request/day mark, but I'm not sure why. Traffic according to awstats doesn't match up with what the rails log files say should be there.

And, its not just one page that gets more requests, they've all moved up.


Back when Fry's was making me feel right at home, I picked up a DVI cable. Unfortunately my TV's DVI input has no analog pins, not even that big flat blade one.

Instead of making use of Fry's liberal return policy and looking for a cable they probably don't have (and then ordering it from somewhere and spending an extra $10 on shipping), I attacked the analog pins with my pliers and screwdriver until one end had no analog pins.

I sometimes have to turn the TV off and on to get it in sync because sometimes the screen is half off. I also had to calibrate the TV, because it was incredibly dark when I first tried using it.