October 10th, 2005


A tale of bad RAM

Four months ago I bought 2 1GB SO-DIMMs for my powerbook. Last week after returning from vacation I started to experience strange lockups to the point that I couldn't mount my disk read-write anymore. So I reinstalled from a clean disk, and still got the lockups.

The Apple Store graciously reset my PRAM and firmware and whatnot with magic keypresses and suggested I try a complete reinstall with the original RAM. I did that and swapped machines with Cheryl just in case it crashed again when I'm off at RubyConf.

So I stuck one of my 1GB SO-DIMMs in her laptop and lo-and-behold it locked up! I've swapped the modules and am now 'testing' the second DIMM, but I'd be surprised if both are bad. At least I'll get my machine (and bag) back for RubyConf.

Drunken Frat Boys > Crack Fiends

This weekend I was sufficiently roused from whatever I was doing to look out the window at whomever was shouting so much. Instead of the usual crowd of crack fiends it was drunken frat boys! At first I thought this wasn't much of an improvement.

But then they started jumping onto (and over) the hedges across the street. I certainly appreciated the increased amusement potential in these drunken frat boys until they went above-and-beyond to seal the deal.

One of them tried jumping onto the hedge but fell through disappearing before the eyes of his friends (and me).

Please drunken frat boys, come back and take this neighborhood from the crack fiends.