October 24th, 2005


I got my scar...

As a result of my work on the get stitches goal. Actually, I didn’t intend to get stitches, but with the cool scar I got, I think its a fair bargain.

The scar is pretty hard to see through the frame of my glasses, and will probably fade considerably over the next fifteen years or so.


Leaking fuel fixed For Free!

I filled my tank up then headed over to Ryan’s place so we could go to CodeCamp (which was a total bust). When I came back to my car there was a smell of gasoline and a growing puddle under my car. Popping the hood showed a stream of gasoline shooting 4 inches into the air!

I taped the hose up so it wouldn’t spray back onto the engine and headed over to Walt’s. Clint fixed me up for free in about 15 minutes.