December 8th, 2005


Seattle City Light Sucks

Natural Gas Usage, originally uploaded by drbrain.

Puget Sound Energy has a cell phone in my gas meter and they read my meter every day! They also have awesome bill analysis tools that tells me why my gas bill was higher! Seattle City Light just guesstimates by bill (I once had a $70 bill for a 10 day billing period) and can't even provide a graph.

This month my gas bill is $12.39 more than it was for the same month last year. $8.28 comes from a rate increase, $3.37 comes from increased gas usage and $.75 comes from service charge increases. (So it is off by a penny, probably rounding).

My townhouse has both a gas fireplace and a gas water heater that feeds in-wall radiators. I decided to try using the radiators more this month to see if it would be more efficient than the fireplace. Turns out it isn't (.11 more therms/day) because I have to increase the water heater temperature to get any heat out of the radiators.

Instead I think I'll buy a small fan to blow more hot air around, or wear my hat inside.