February 6th, 2006


Brown Water - Day 1 - For Science!

Brown Water - Day 1, originally uploaded by drbrain.

Once I finished washing myself I looked at my washcloth and noticed a red tint. Then I looked at the floor of the shower and noticed more red tint. I thought I was bleeding but no blood was coming out of the usual place (the bridge of my nose). I quickly came to the conclusion that I wasn't bleeding because I certainly would notice that much blood coming out of me.

After I got out of the shower I turned on the sink tap and filled a sink full of the brownish-red water, then went downstairs and called the water company. It turns out somebody opened a hydrant and that caused rust to flake off the pipes.

So, if you've got rusty water, don't wash light colors and let your taps sit for three or four hours then turn them all on until they run clear.

So now I've got a glass of water that I'm letting settle out to see how much rust I've got in my water. Here's a close up.



While my counter is still covered with piles, the piles are slightly smaller. My main bathroom has gone no more than two weeks without a cleaning (but the downstairs one is in desperate need) and I’ve managed to keep my downstairs relatively clean.

On my list are a sweep and mop of my second floor and a put-the-piles-away day.