March 10th, 2006



So I've arrived safe and sound in Austin for SXSW. The flight to Houston in the 757 had terribly uncomfortable seats. The flight to Austin had terribly comfortable seats but was under an hour. I could have fallen asleep! I also got to sit next to a girl with a potentially whiny toy dog (which fortunately wasn't) and LV handbag wearing a shirt that revealed much of her cleavage. Fortunately her attitude of entitlement was not overblown. It ended up being alright, but I would have prefered sitting with the monks from Sri Lanka behind me.

Now I'm sitting in the hotel lobby. There's a couple here on one of the other couches that don't seem to be staying here (yet?). The front desk lady won't let them go to sleep and said something about them needing a room. They also have a can of beer apiece. I suppose this is my welcome to Texas?