March 16th, 2006


SXSW 2006

As an addendum to my blog post:


Flew in, checked in, napped then went to downtown to retrieve my badge and had a nice crispy trout dinner with Geoff. Entering the place we ate was very confusing. I opened the door and came to a closed curtain. As I was looking around for some other entrance the curtain automatically opened.

I suppose the curtain allows you a grand entrance when you are prepared. I'm sure I looked very confused.


Hung out with Linda and her friends at night on 6th Street, but was socially overloaded. Too many people I didn't know around. Got rear-ended at low speed twice in the parking lot then went to IHOP.


I was playing caretaker. I met Helen who had all these little boxes of wine. I helped get one girl who'd had too much to safety and hugged Willo in the process. I also succeeded in keeping buster from sleeping on the streets.


Met Tikva and several of her classmates who are going to NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program which sounds really, really cool.

After this cute little blond girl ran away to see a movie I switched to the party next door and drank more of Helen's juice boxes (which I also helped her distribute) and stole some pizza off of a table. For some reason I then went to the EFF party with a blogads guy and Carolyn.

Rather quickly we left there and went to the Red Bull party where Min Jung Kim fetched buster to let us in.


Breakfast, sleeping, flying. A picture of my vehicle claim ticket saved my ass.


Looking at my wallet, I notice that it is starting to wear on the flat, there's a tiny spot on the flat where the black has all rubbed away. I really like this wallet and since it hasn't been wearing on the folds it probably won't be up for replacing for at least another year.

I think this wallet was a sign of the beginning of the end with the bad girlfriend. Both she and my sister got me a new wallet for christmas. Guess which one I chose? (I liked my sister's wallet better, too.) I think the other wallet went to Cheryl.

I'm going downstairs for slanket time now.