June 14th, 2006


HSBC Online Savings Account

My HSBC online savings account is great! 4.65% APY (4.5% when I opened it) and I didn't have to sign anything or speak to anyone when I opened it.

They did send my my user ID and password in two separate mailings, so I locked my account out when I first signed up, but when I called their customer service (on a Sunday!) I was speaking to a real live human in no time at all and they quickly had my account working again.

They also gave me a debit card (that I'll never use) and let me transfer back and forth with WAMU easily (they say it may take up to 4 business days, though, so its a great way to have untouchable but easy to access money).

Now I'm keeping a small amount of emergency money in my WAMU savings and moving the bulk of it to HSBC where it'll earn a decent interest rate.