June 22nd, 2006


People Suck

Yesterday I was reminded once again that I hate most people.

It started with biohazard tape around a turd in the Madison and 19th bus shelter. I know you don't have bathrooms, but please, please find some bushes where these things can decompose in peace.

Next up was a homeless woman spraying the one-legged-homeless man with something. Not being sure what it was, I followed her across the street and confronted her about it. Her son flipped out on me, so I decided to call the cops. I was accused of racial and religious persecution, threatened and spittled on while they gathered up their strollers before walking away.

I'm pretty sure they're both crack fiends, but the one-legged man is much worse off. He can't even chase you very fast, so there's no reason to go attacking him.

The final confrontation was much more pleasant. I encountered a drunken man in a wheelchair trying to go down Madison from Broadway. He kept on nearly veering out into traffic. My offer of assistance to the bottom of the hill was not accepted.

On a more pleasant note I did tell a Hispanic man get from Boylston and Madison get to the 7 on 3rd.