July 11th, 2006



After recent workplace discussions about various things including happiness I’ve realized that I feel happier than I have in months. The only thing that affects my mood is my own actions, not anybody else’s, so I’m marking this as done.

I’m not sure if this is a weird way to define my done-ness or not.

Strangely this also brings up the prospect of finding someone else which is incredibly frightening to contemplate. Right now my mental state is entirely based on my own actions. Having someone else contribute, especially during the sometimes rough first weeks/months makes me very afraid.

I’m not afraid of the typical things, heights, the dark, spiders, etc. The fear makes me feel alive, I enjoy it.



I found one of my stolen stakes and a tennis ball half a block away from my house, so I used the stick as a bat and bounced the ball the rest of the way home. Upon arriving at the rear of my car I found it tilted over like this:

I was quite puzzled until I walked around the side:

My spare was flat too, so instead of going to practice instead I went to Seattle Mobile Monday which had a bunch of people trying to do social networking on mobile phones. They didn't sound very social networkingy.

Currently my tires are being repaired at the Firestone just down the street.