July 24th, 2006


'You must be new here' and other notables

On the way home from the office I got hit on by a woman old enough to be my grandma.

On the way home from practice a man was walking down the sidewalk towards my parking spot. I decided to wait on the street while he crossed. Just as he started across my parking spot I began to pull in slowly. He noticed me and asked me what I wanted. I said "I'm parking" but he thought I said "are you working?" so he went around and opened the door of my car.

I responded with a few expletives and he closed the door and continued down the street.

After parking, getting out of the car and retrieving my bag a woman approached me and said "I saw you a minute ago" in mildly dulcet tones. She was just ugly enough that I had a hard time deciding if she was a hooker or a dealer, so I responded with "I live here" and how I wanted her out of my neighborhood, complete with expletives.

Then I went upstairs and cleared the block of 15 people with the power of my lightswitch.