November 3rd, 2006


Coincidental, unrelated incidents

On my trip home yesterday I got hit by a woman while crossing the street. Her bumper hit me just below my left knee in the muscle, so no serious damage. I did feel some twisting up in my groin, though. (I felt alright, but have been active enough to know that five minutes is rarely enough time to determine if I'm injured or not, especially with adrenaline flying around.)

Naturally I was upset, but I was still restrained. I asked for her license, registration and insurance information and she handed me her license, but claimed not to have registration or insurance with her. I told her I'd have to call the police, and I did. While I was telling them where I was standing she said she found it, but too late!

An officer came and we both told him what happened. I said I felt fine, but wouldn't know until tomorrow if I was really ok or not. He decided to make a report.

While he was in his car filling out the report she told me how she'd not had an accident in thirty years of driving and how she was sorry, then disbelief in the extent of my injury (or if I was injured at all) began to creep into her mind. She wanted to take a picture of my leg. I agreed, and while she was doing this she switched from being apologetic to sarcastic and condescending.

After calling her on her bullshiting me about how I felt while taking a picture of my leg ("since there's soooo much insurance fraud these days"), something I readily agreed to do for her, there was an escalation of words ("I didn't even knock you down", "you're filing a report?") so I decided not to talk to her, told her so, and turned around. The cop emerged a few minutes later, handed me a card with the case number on it and I was free to go home.

I finished up the last two blocks of my walk with a right leg that was a little stiff I arrived at my home and found my laptop wouldn't resume. I shut it off then tried to power it back up and got nothing, so I headed out to the apple store but was too late.

I don't believe the laptop's inability to power up was in any way related to getting struck by a vehicle, and its covered by AppleCare, so I doubt the lady will ever hear from me again. She will probably be much more careful when making right turns on red, though.