November 8th, 2006



While flying over North or South Dakota a slight breeze went through the cabin and the oxygen masks deployed. I couldn’t use mine right away because it wouldn’t let go. (So the oxygen masks aren’t perfect.) I wasn’t too concerned since the plane hadn’t completely lost pressure.

We went into a swift but not too steep dive down to 10,000 feet. On the way they were playing with the pressurization causing severe ear pain until I equallized the pressure. One poor kid couldn’t get his ears equalized and screamed for five to ten minutes.

The oxygen mask didn’t seem to do anything, but it may have been because the plane wasn’t completely depressurized.

We ended up landing in Bismark, ND. They’ve ordered forty pizzas and we’re waiting for our plane out which will arrive 3 AM local time. Our other option is to sleep overnight and fly back to Minneapolis then back to Seattle, which is uncool.