December 9th, 2006



Today I shot:

  • Glock 9mm
  • .38 Special
  • Springfield Armory 1911A
  • .357 Magnum

    I was most accurate with the Magnum with five rounds in three inches, but it was also the gun I took the most care shooting. Focusing on the front sight and aligning with the out-of-target focus gave me better results than focusing on the target and aligning out of focus sights.

    The Glock had a nice, light trigger pull, but was so light I was very unsteady with it. The 1911 was heavy and steady, but the trigger pull was so hard it was difficult to shoot straight, I kept twisting my wrist down and to the left.


Blue Mars

by Kim Stanley Robinson

About one quarter of the way into Blue Mars I was afraid I was going to be disappointed. There was extensive talk of politics, economy, and related government building activities that just weren’t very gripping. While the pace and tone of the reading matched the section’s main character’s mood, it was almost too much.

Fortunately things picked up from there and the book finished stronger than I anticipated. One character’s problem was resolved better than expected, and another’s was left unresolved. The book closed on notes of joy and sadness, the dawning of a golden age combined with the decline of its principal architects.