March 19th, 2007


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During the long weekend before last I was enjoying the many parties surrounding SXSW. This coming week I'm off to Puerto Rico with some coworkers from Limewire for fun.

I had a good time at SXSW, meeting people I met last year at SXSW, including several I forgot, and also several new ones. I also had a good time hanging out with cocolaco, Bill Turner and Dan Boud.

Mostly I'm trying to figure out how not to burn out again with all my open source "responsibilities". Upon releasing firebrigade after two months of work I was worn out, and have only released one thing yet, which just needed a quality check.

My other major volunteer project is donating blood and platelets. Its such a different experience because the Blood Center cares about me from top to bottom, even calling me after they mess up to make sure I'm feeling ok. (On Sunday they had to readjust the needle and the vein ended up failing, leaking blood inside my arm. It hurts a bit and sometimes bruises (not this time), and also made me taste funny things for a second (probably the brain going "this is wrong!" and manifesting it oddly).)

For software I'll get maybe two people saying I did something cool or helpful for, well, at least 1000 people using something I maintain or wrote. Not nearly as satisfying an experience. (Also, the Blood Center gives me free cookies and juice!)

Also, the fire department is here. There was a fire alarm going off across the street, so I called in... now they're gone, just a false alarm.

Now I'm tired and don't want to pack.