March 23rd, 2007


Puerto Rican Driving

I kind of like driving in Puerto Rico, the rules here are quite a bit different.

On the freeway there aren't slow and fast lanes, people go equally slow in either. The fast lane winds around all the slow cars on the left, right and sometimes even shoulders.

Nobody cares if you tailgate or cut people off. Making a lane change with a gap of two car lengths or less is quite common.

There's no need to stop moving. People will find the natural gaps and make their left and right turns. Everybody else just goes around.

Driving down a narrow road with no center line is no problem. You just get over far enough.

Almost nobody signals, you know when people are going to change lanes by posture or speed.

It feels a lot more natural than most of the driving I've done everywhere else. People seem to trust each other that they won't screw something up.