August 30th, 2007


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Ran around in Arches all day. Started with Park Avenue then followed up with the hike out to Landscape Arch. Hung out in the parking lot, ate some food, drank some water, saw a guy with the exact same backpack!

Headed down to Balanced Rock and looped around it, then up to Fiery Furnace for the guided tour.

Holy awesome, it was bad-ass, and you can get a permit to run around back there for as long as you like! It starts out really easy, then takes you through a bunch of spots that require a bit of agility to maneuver through. As a bonus, its almost entirely in the shade. I hung out in the back of the group with a good looking older geologist and her (my age) son and his gf.

Rested, ate some granola bars, then headed back to the Windows, circled, then came back to Moab. Went to Zax Woodfire Pizza and impressed the cute waitress with my incredible eating prowess ("You stay skinny for such a big eater"). Fortunately I didn't fall asleep in my plate.

Total liquid consumption for the day is about 6L, 5L of it water. Need a shower to get sunscreen out of my eyes.