September 13th, 2007


I almost died today

At lunch the blood center called me to donate platelets because one of the other donors was sick, so I agreed. I show up and they hook me up to the old machine, but somebody had ordered the two-needle kits instead of the one needle, which means I can't move at all while its pumping.

So I sit there helpless and have the staff bring me blankets and change the channel on the TV and whatnot which is just fine. Around 7PM a bunch of donors stream in, so everybody is busy.

Right at that time Entertainment Tonight comes on. It was terrible (Britney Spears might be dyeing her hair brown, so I had a 15 second clip of her buying hair dye drilled into my head). I couldn't move to change the channel. Everybody was busy. I was squirming in my chair trying to escape.

After ten minutes of ET I finally got the TV switched to Wheel of Fortune which is far superior television. I fear the damage may be permanent, however.