November 13th, 2007


Things I Have Done

At the end of October I flew to Montreal, attended OOPSLA, and won a Beaver for finding the strangest thing on the internet as judged by Richard Gabriel (who is nerd-famous) which was Collapse ).

There was near silence throughout the video up until Cadillac turns into a bike. A moment of WTF? permeated the audience, and my victory was assured.

Buckminster the beaver is huge, bigger than four fat cats combined! Taking him back on the airport as my personal item was fun. I was offered $9000 for Buckminster, but I turned it down.

Then I worked for a week on my presentation, flew to Charlotte, NC for RubyConf and gave an awesome talk, or so people have told me. I did have a great Q&A section, though, so I'll believe it was awesome too. It was stressful, since I was spending too much time going over and over my talk, and not enough hanging out with other rubyists. Next year I'm not submitting a talk.

Then I flew to Washington DC and hung out for a couple days with bitbitch. The new Air and Space annex is impossible to get to without a car (or $$), so I went to the one on the mall instead, and it was much the same. I tried to go to the Industry and Arts museum, but it was closed, so I went to the Postal Museum instead, which is impossible to find. Mostly, just relaxing and doing nothing computer related.

Now I have a PS3 because my PS2 is coughing itself to death. The PS3 purchase probably has the lowest $/excitement ratio of any purchase I have made to date. I can watch HD movies now care of Netflix now though, which is cool.

Oh, I also started my SUPER AWESOME job, but I can't tell you about it yet, its Top Secret.