August 12th, 2008


Softball, naps, vehicle, blood center

This weekend was pretty awesome, and the week has started out pretty awesome too.

Saturday I drove out to my parents' place and picked up the title to my car. We drove into town and had lunch and looked at the classic car show there.

While I was at my parents' place, nishushan called and asked if I could sub for one of their softball players. I agreed, fought my way through traffic and arrived at the field ready to go, but then we got rained out in freaky midwest style.

I went home, showered, and took a nap.

Sunday I earned my seven gallon pin with a platelet donation, earned a platinum trophy on Uncharted, Drake's Fortune, and took some more naps.

Monday I went down to the DoL and ordered my Collector Vehicle plates and toured the Puget Sound Blood Center. Since I now have a collector vehicle, it "may be driven [...] for the pleasure of others without compensation", so if you want a ride somewhere, just ask!

At the blood center I got to see cool things like platelet rocker trays that gently rock platelets like newborns giving them happy dreams, a blood irradiator that destroys DNA in blood cells, a freezer full of blood, and a bucket of frozen heart valves along with several freezers full of bones.

I also learned some awesome stuff like the plastic bags they store platelets in transfuse oxygen and carbon dioxide to keep the platelets viable longer, that the blood center only throws out 1.5% of its donations, and that red cells can last in the freezer for a decade.