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Graduation Recap

Well, I'm all graduated and jobless now.  As of  Saturday , I have my BS in Comp. Sci from Seattle University, and am jobless.  Yipee!

On Saturday I went to Baccalaureate, and the programs for our row were empty!  Out of at least 20 of us, we had an empty cover.  It was really quite amusing.  Afterwards I went to lunch with my parents and Kristen at The Cheesecake Factory.  I had the chicken marsala and the tiramasu for desert (which actually I haven't eaten, its still in the fridge).

Afterwards I went to hang out with Heather and Laurel and their friend Eva and some of their mutual friends at a pool in the U-District.  We had a fun time attacking each other in the pool and trying to take over a floatie-thing.  Laurel got thrown in the water despite the fact that she wasn't wearing a swimsuit.

I then went to pick up Paul's family from the airport. His parents and his two sisters came in from Guam.  (The Merc drives alot differently when fully loaded, it bounces a bit more and leans a lot harder in the corners.)  We then went out to dinner at the Broadway Grill with Paul's family and Angi.  (BTW, Happy Birthday Angi! even though you probably won't see this.)  Paul's father was a little upset that the service wasn't as quick as it was supposed to be.

I finally got to bed at 2, then had to wake up at 7:30 to prepare for graduation.  I got there at 9 only to realize I forgot my name card, so went back to get it.  I sat next to Paul and somebody I didn't know for the ceremony.  The speeches were short and very good, I didn't get bored or any such thing.  The awarding of the degrees took a long time though.  Tara got the President's Award for having the highest GPA (perfect 4.0!!).  They thouroughly embarassed her with about 3 minutes of her myriad accomplishments during her stay at Seattle University.

Afterwards I stayed and talked and with my parents and friends at the reception until they herded us out.  Somehow I managed to get the filter ring dented on my 55mm lens, so now filters won't screw on properly.  I went home to change then went to Ian's place for some shrimp and food and meeting with Patrick and Ian's parents (and Tammy and her mother).  After that I headed up to Lynnwood to see Heather and Laurel at they're party.  They've got a petting zoo/farm with miniature ponies and pigs and ducks and goats and sheep and chickens and cows (mmm, beef).

I then headed down to Tara's party where I got nicely drunk.  There were many people there, Angi, Cheryl (who went home early), Kyle, Laura & Solomon, Heather & Laurel (who arrived late), Ashley (Tara's sister), Beth and Henry (Tara's roomate), Kevin Watt, Pat (who showed up for a little while), I had an awesome time dancing, drinking, and eating 80 proof pear (tastes gross, but oh is it good).  I slept at Tara's place and helped clean up in the morning.  Before I left I chatted with Tara a bit about friends and relationships.

I then went down to my parent's house after taking a shower.  I watched Dr. Doolittle 2 (which was bad) then spent about an hour to an hour and a half trying to figure out why my blower fan didn't work (for HVAC).  Turned out that the fuse was bad, even though it hadn't blown.  In the process I blew the fuse for the cigarette lighter, and the store was out of them.  I also picked up more power steering fluid and a jug of washer fluid (because my neighbors water their plants, and the spray gets my windshield dirty).

I then went up to meet Sean of mod_ruby fame.  We talked a bit about mod_ruby, the ruby C interface, and programming in general.  I learned that if I cross stuff out on the NDA, it won't apply, woot!  We had flank steak that his brother cooked, it was really good.  Pat brought beans, which were also excellent.

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