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On Saturday I went and saw Attack of the Clones, and it was exactly as I expected it, an excellent entertainment flick  I rode the bus down to Cinerama and saw it in digital, (which required half-a-dozen brought to you by splash movies) which gave it an excellent picture quality.  (I probably would have noticed better had I not sat so far back).  Think carefully about how and when Yoda uses the force, especially comparing Empire and Attack.  Its only twice, during the battle, and lifting Luke's X-Wing out of the swamp.  Next think about what Yoda teaches (patience, etc), great insights can be gained into the Jedi this way.  After the movie I walked an extremely pleasant 3 miles back to my place.

On Sunday I got a suit from Nordstroms, because my mom was tired of trying to track down my pants from The Bon.  The new suit is much nicer (IMO) than the one from The Bon, plus it is taylored.  I also got another pair of slacks, a plain white shirt, and another tie.  Afterwards I changed the oil on the Merc and the Intrepid, and Laura stepped in the lid of the oil catch pan with her bare feet, hehe.

On Monday morning I went with my dad up to Wilkeson to poke around the coal mine.  We came across both entrances, the power house (we think) and a water-wheel structure of some sort.  We then bushwacked down a road (overgrown, of course) recrossed the stream and came across the tailings for the mine.

On Tuesday I missed the Seattle.rb meeting, but I submitted a resume to a headhunder.  I really need to pick up on this job hunting thing.  Today I cleaned away some more ivy, took it to the dump, which cost $11.05.  I then got a haircut, picked up some peppers, and made chili.  Natalie was the only person I invited who came over, and I missed Kevin's email because I was talking with her and not paying attention.  After eating, we went and walked around volunteer park, then went to Ron and Jerry's for ice cream.

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