Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Work'n on the truck

My dad got a '77 Ford with a dump flatbed that threw a rod (for free!) so I've been helping him move the bed over to his '78 Ford for the past couple weeks, leaving me deviod of updates. The work is going well, we've removed the rust from the bed, the panels that can be put on the sides to make a box, and filled some nicks and scratches in both fenders on the truck. We've not yet removed the bed on the '78 because its got a 100 gallon propane tank in the back (it runs on propane).

We still need to figure out where we're gonna put the tank(s) after we put the new bed on, 100 gallons of propane goes about 600 miles, and my dad doesn't want to sacrifice that much range.  A talk with a local propane conversion place is needed.

Tomorrow is climbing with Cheryl!  Yay!

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