Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Ram, Climbing and Beach

Last night natalie516 and I went to The Ram in U-Village and had some drinks and talked, then came back to my place and talked some more.  For some strange reason she wants to know my middle name (which she knew at one time but has since forgotten, haha).  And bugged me about it until some godawful hour.

This morning I went climbing with Cheryl at the REI Pinnacle, then went out to Discovery Park and walked down to the beach and looked for crabs, hermit crabs, and other beach inhabitants.  We were lucky enough to get there at low tide.  We tried to get some clams, but it seems impossible to do without a shovel.  There is some lovely landscaping around the sewage treatment plant on the point, including a freshwater pond with ducks.

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