Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Been working on the truck more, fixed the right fender with a rope and a come-a-long, pulled the metal bit that holds the fender forward a bit and tightened it back down, so the door doesn't hit it anymore.

I went to find a pair of doors for the truck, and found a perfect one, but it has the wrong trim on the bottom (75, I want 78 trim) but the top trim I might be able to jack.

The first place I got to wouldn't let me on the lot because they were closing, but they bitched a kid out for driving crazy. I'm glad. That wasn't my only bad driving adventure, a guy was tailgating me, so I matched speeds with the car next to me for several miles, lots of fun, he flipped me off, I smiled, waved and grinned.


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