Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Rainforest, Truck

I went to Ruby in The Rainforest on saturday to work on RubyNet. natalie516 went with me, and we wrote some of the metadata fetching portion of the client, which wasn't super fancy.

I stood with Daniel, a fellow Seattle.rb'er Daniel who I gave a ride to at the front of the ferry on the way back to Edmonds on the ferry trip. It was cool near the shore, but out in the middle there was a pleasantly warm breeze. Despite being up since 6am, I played games until 4am the next morning. Dungeon Keeper makes me feel good.

On Monday I went and retrieved the truck doors and a trim bit from the junkyard. Damn it was hot out there (90 or so, maybe more due to the hot metal and dirt/rock ground to reflect the heat). It doesn't help any that my A/C needs to be recharged and generally blows for stop-and-go traffic. I stopped at Wendy's and got a frostie for the drive home.

I also put "Plus" gas in my car to see if it starts/runs any better, it knocks a little when driving, but that may be due to the ethanol in modern gasolines. (Remember, you damage most modern engines by putting anything other than the cheap stuff in them.)

Today we swapped the doors on the truck and messed with the trim. I want to take the window rails off of the old doors to put them on the new because they are in better shape, but I'm not certian I can do that without removing the glass. at least I got the rubber for the small triangle windows out.

The doors still need to be adjusted to fit properly. The driver's door is only off a little, while the passenger door hangs too low to close properly. We also played with the inner door trim some. Due to the anchient and brittle plastic, we may have trouble getting them to stay properly. It doesn't help any that the speakers we have stick out too far for their position in the door.

I've noticed that at night I'm having more and more difficulty typing correctly. Homonyms get in the way far too often. I just need to get more rest, I suppose.


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