Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

We adjusted the passenger side door to have aligned trim and proper swing and fit. But haven't done the driver's side door. I removed the rear bumper and much its supporting structure. I bent a ~half-inch bolt by about 20 degrees, which was quite impressive. When you heat them up removing the rust then use an extra 2' long pipe on the end of the ratchet they'll move pretty easy.

Also, I killed two ratchets, all the teeth were stripped off of it on the inside, but I went over to sears and picked up two sets of guts and swapped them out. The guy said they should be good for another 20 years, but if we keep using that pipe to loosen rusty bolts, they may not last that long.

I had an interesting dream this morning, I was a plumber (but that's not really important) and found some kind of box/tunnel thing that was like a wormhole that would open up along three 90 degree axes when the correct face was selected. I used it to get to a broken pipe underground without digging a tunnel (well, not really, but I know I did).

The cool thing is that you could go to one end of the tunnel and open up three new ones. Oh, and when you rotated the cube at the end, it had different functions. I wish I remembered what the were (or had one).

P.S. This dream doesn't mean anything.


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