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Re: I've been thinking

For lack of a proper forum for responding to certian statements, I present them here.

Judgemental? bah.  What you are doing is a very bad idea.  You are ignoring certain things that have happened to me.  Heather decided she could go ahead and become first emotionally, then physically involved with another person, then come right back to me.  It worked the first time, the second, however, it just wasn't going to work.  If you're gonna be leaving your fiance for someone else, you need to tell him straight up.  I don't care what he's doing now or if he's "finding himself", if you're gonna get married, you stay together, even if not physically.

You also mentioned a certian friend of yours takes "breaks" from her SO, she doesn't see anybody else, and neither does he, but you thought it was weird because if they get married, are they going to take breaks from each other again?  It seems to me you're doing the exact same thing, only you're adding in a bit of action on the side.  I sense a bit of hipocracy here...  This is the man you love, right?

You are going to get married!  Doesn't that mean you're supposed to be completely open and honest with the other person?  Ever think that people who you consider friends are telling you that what you are doing is bad, telling you what you are doing is wrong, telling you that this is a very bad idea have a reason?  Perhaps even a perfectly valid reason?  God's Navel!

You ask my opinion, and damn well I'm gonna give it, even if it means you're gonna get punched in the face.  So you felt bad about what I said?  Tough.  You know how I felt about what you are doing, what did you expect?

If you remove all voices of opposition, how are you going to know when you've truly done something wrong?  If all you chose to hear are voices of praise, how do you know if you've failed?

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