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Why my roommate is a fucktard

Over three weeks ago, the fridge in the apartment starts dieing. But they wait until I come back to tell me that its broken (which would be three weeks ago yesterday, I think, but that's not important). I call the landlord and the get us a new fridge on friday. I wash out the old fridge but don't have time to clean the new fridge because I was doing some FDA drug tests (only niacin) so I tell Chris that he absolutely must clean out the fridge today (friday), and I'll be back on sunday to clean the rest. So I come back sunday and find the fridge hasn't been touched.

Since I won't be around for the week (house-sitting for parents) I don't clean a damn thing (mistake) and just go to my parents after some web surfing.

Apparently he waited until the stench had built up before bothering to clean it, so now the freezer reeks. He also only cleaned out half the fridge portion. I haven't touched it, but I know I need to finish cleaning it.

Over the week I was gone, Chris didn't bother to take out the trash. When I got back, neither did I, there's a big pile of random trashbags in the kitchen, most recently one was added for the scrapings of the rice maker.

He never washes dishes either, there is a stack of dishes around his computer in the err, 'common' room, which I never go in because its such a sty. He sleeps on the couches in it, and there's shit all over the floor. He doesn't sleep in his room because there's too much crap between the door and the bed, or on the bed (and its only 2 feet from door to bed).


oh, and I think there are flies growing in the trash.


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