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.NET Launch

Of course, contrary to everything you've heard, .NET is nothing new. In fact, its a lot like java. But all that stuff is boring. What was really cool was that we (me and my CS buddies) got great food: sushi, roast beef, fruits and veggies, pot stickers, ice cream. A free copy of WinXP Pro (which I won't use for several more months when I buy a dual proc system) and a free copy of Visual Studio .NET academic (which I probably won't use for a long time, if ever).

Unfortunately there weren't any chairs to sit on during the talk about .NET, and I had a few problems with it. They showed the output of their calls as XML, but then they reparsed it into a web page, why didn't they just use XSLT to render the page straight from the XML? Second they made a big deal about having the same code in two places, one in a web view, and the second in a mobile phone view. I found that very alarming, I don't want to write the same code twice.

After the spiel, they had a drawing for a leather CD case (10 or 20 CD capacity) a .NET duffel bag, a .NET vest, 5 $100 bills and two XBoxes. Nobody I knew won anything.

For schwag, they had these little spiderball things (I got two), collapsible frisbies, mints, a highlighter and pen and a compressed shirt.

After the launch I went out for dessert (we were already stuffed) at the Cheesecake Factory with Ajay, Dave, Roy, Esco, Christine (who I keep calling Charlene for some reason) and San, who had to sit bitch in the aisle. I had a hot fudge sunday, most other people had cheesecake (I'm not a cheesecake fan). The hot fudge was excellent, and I'm sure the cheesecake was too.


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