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Jury Duty, Fire Alarms, Templates

My Jury Duty appointment was postponed until tomorrow, yay! I don't want to go to Jury Duty because I'll be sitting around without a computer for a long time (probably). This means I'll have to read books, and my unread book archive is far too small.

Cheryl's fire alarm went off because her neighbor burnt some food. She called me to share the joy of a shrilly fire alarm. She'll call me back once she finishes brushing her teeth. On Wed. I'm picking her up from getting her wisdom teeth pulled.

I updated my branch of RDoc's Template library. Here's where you can get the template.rb source and here's where you can get the template.rb tests. You can now do drop-down lists, just like in RDoc's version, only with my dynamic lookup of values. There are a few other goodies in there too.

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