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Idiocy Incarnate

So today I learned just how moronic ITD is. As part of DealerNet they have three boxes, a test box, a cert (certification) box, and a prod (production) box. All are supposed to be identical, same hardware, software, everything but what is actually being developed. It turns out that the cert content database (it uses MS CMS) was running on the prod box. So with the load of authoring pumping the system full of content, combined with a soft roll-out to about 20 dealerships (couldn't have been more than 100 users total for the day), the prod database was unable to keep up with the transactions being fed it. Yes, under this load MS SQL Server (2000, I'm told) is no longer ACID.

Furthermore, upgrades that should have been applied at least a year ago remained incomplete. So for me, its back to old crummy PartsNet publishing.

It'll take them at least 3 weeks to get back to where they were before they started the soft rollout. Yay for money, bleh. I wonder who's head is gonna roll over at ITD.

Oh, did I mention they don't have any version control?


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