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Another delayed launch

Today PACCAR rolled out eportal to the internal Parts users. 1546 unique users caused an unacceptable slowdown, so rollout will be further delayed.

On Friday, we're having a meeting where I'll present a way we can move our HTML into the 1990s with super-cool CSS! (And at the same time eliminate a bazillion duplicate (or all but duplicate) files.)

I wrote a basic script that loads pages in IE several times, and averages the load times. Its very brain-dead, and doesn't really pretend to do anything but load pages. Now PPD wants to discuss the script with ITD, to see if it is an actual metric of anything (its not, too brain-dead). The best thing this script does is show that there may be a problem between my browser and the server, but doesn't show if its a bandwidth, firewall, or server issue. What really confuses me is why doesn't ITD have some similar tests already in place? It boggles the mind.


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