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New Apartment Soon

I submitted my credit check paperwork for a two-bedroom apartment at the Views at Madison. While its a little expensive at $1250/month, it has a large (for an apartment) kitchen, and looks North over Madison Street, and East over Lake Washington, including a view of Bellevue. I can just the top of the PACCAR Building from one of the bedrooms.

ePortal has yet to launch, they've been working primarily on performance, but as of yet they have no new scheduled launch date. Things have improved though, my test suite is running at about 220seconds, down from the typical 350-400 second range. Unsurprisingly, it only takes 6 times longer to get to the same information as it used to on the DealerNet system. (The old system has the advantage of being almost purely static content.)

Laura liked her JVC GR-D30 MiniDV camcorder. I also found out that my parent's Sony Digital8 camcorder also has a Firewire port. None of my machines have a firewire port though, making it pretty useless to me.

My mom is conspiring with Cheryl about my birthday. I'm not really curious about what they have planned though. *shrug*

Wednesday I believe Solaris is playing in the Film Visions of the Future class, I must remember to get off work soon enough to go see it. Should be quite fun to yak on about a movie. Haven't done that in a while.


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