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Down with gestures! Pie menus rock!

I installed the Mozilla Firebird extension RadialContext at work yesterday, and it is actually easy to learn, while gestures require you to keep some kind of handy reference around. RadialContext gives you a good 'ol pie menu, and you just right-click and drag about just like gestures, but you get actual feedback for what actions you are performing!. I've already learned some of the 'gestures' that pie menus give you, and they seem to be shorter than what gestures give you. There are 8 positions on the pie, and each position (depending on context) can open into up to 8 other submenus. Its beautifully constructed.

A hacking session with zenspider resulted in some interesting ideas on how I can figure out where ePortal is wasting all its time when trying to serve up a page. We also hacked a Class browser up in Borges, then while lying in bed in caffeine-induced sleeplessness, I thought of an evil thing to do, run around in instances of the class and muck with their intstance variables! How evil.

Tonight, I'm watching Solaris at SeattleU in Film Visions of the future, that's such an awesome class.


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