Eric Hodel (drbrain) wrote,
Eric Hodel

Right Behind my Parent's House

Man sets fire to woman, three children near Bonney Lake right behind my parent's house.

From the angle of the picture the car ended up in my neighbor's back yard. Pictured is the back of my neighbor's house and his sign-shop.

If you hear of this on the news, it happened on the Old Sumner-Buckley Highway near 256th Ave E, not the Sumner-Buckley Highway or the Buckley-Tapps Highway. (The former doesn't exist, the latter joins the Old Sumner-Buckley Highway 2-3 miles west of 256th.) On KIRO this morning they made a big deal about the Sumner-Buckley Highway being closed, which would have a minimal traffic impact since almost everybody drives down State Route 410.

It must not have been a fun night, since they would have had all the flashing-lights from police, fire, and ambulance, and probably a medevac helicopter.


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